Founded in 1995 as a Spiritual TV Talk show, Bridging Heaven and Earth – “Bridging” has spread its message of Love and Oneness across the international spiritual scene through cable TV stations and the Internet, focusing on opening the heart; bridging the spiritual and the physical, the human and the divine, heaven and earth within each one and the Oneness of all Life.

In recent years “Bridging” has expanded into Heaven To Earth “Education for Liberation” in a form of luxury lecture cruises and retreats.

A whole new paradigm

As a whole new paradigm replaces an outdated and obsolete way of being we are called to quite literally re-educate ourselves. A new way of thinking, feeling and being requires a crash course in how we function neurologically, psycho-emotionally, bio chemically, electro chemically and electro magnetically. This will allow us to experience more fully and deeply the eternal Life context in which we have our being; also to recognize the astonishing negative impact upon the unfolding of our Spiritual greatness living in the old paradigm ego consciousness matrix has had.

Bianca Childs

Bianca Childs is visionary founder of Bridging Heaven and Earth – an inspirational transformational enterprise linking illuminated New World teachers with truth seekers, seeking empowerment through wisdom and peace.

My gift is expressing passion, inspiration, creativity, harmony, joy, love and beauty through collaborating with so many amazing people I come in contact with.

I feel incredibly grateful to live such an amazing life. My each and every day is filled with prayers, deep peace within, love and gratitude.

My dream is of everyone on the Planet realizing their Soul power and remembering their cosmic origin.

Time is Art and we are here to create more Love.

Allan Silberhartz (1947-2014)

Allan was a Mystic and Healer who has been on a spiritual path and realization of his true spiritual nature since a very young age.

With a great passion and joy for Love and Oneness, Allan started a non-profit educational Corporation and an International Spiritual Talk Show Bridging Heaven & Earth in 1995 – dedicated to the Oneness.

“Bridging” has produced hundreds of shows that are shown all over the United States on cable TV stations and the Internet featuring some of the spiritual communities brightest lights.

Allan’s unusual and unique personality and “Oneness” energy made everyone feel unconditional Love and Joy in his presence. He has helped many create positive change, overcome difficult challenges and emotional problems in everyday life.

His mission was to spread the vibration and frequencies of Love, of Joy, Oneness, and of the Infinite, throughout the world in his dedication to creating a better world.