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Bridging has created this land experience to support a thriving community for those wanting to live the highest version of themselves while existing harmoniously with nature through the acceptance of all. The land serves as a place of refuge, reverence, healing, and contemplation – honoring nature as our source and greatest teacher. This fits perfectly with our intention to immerse ourselves into dynamic retreats, leading edge thinkers, pioneers and an organic lifestyle on a path toward self-healing, exploration, and transformation.

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As a whole new paradigm replaces an outdated and obsolete way of being we are called to quite literally re-educate ourselves. A new way of thinking, feeling and requiring a crash course in how we function neurologically, psycho-emotionally, biochemically, electrochemically and electromagnetically. This will allow us to experience more fully and deeply the eternal Life context in which we have our being; also to recognize the astonishing negative impact upon the unfolding of our Spiritual greatness living in the old paradigm ego consciousness matrix has had.

Our programs are powerful catalysts for personal and collective transformation by raising awareness. This expanded perspective leads to a greater range of choice and assists us in going beyond our habitual patterns and limiting thoughts. We invite you to join our upcoming retreats/training for your personal growth. Bring your curiosity, your fascination and your sense of adventure while we explore and experience together with new ways of living and being alive in the world today.

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