ROBERT M. SCHOCH, Ph.D. | CRUISE DETAILS | July 22-29, 2018


Discover your Inner Potential

At Heaven To Earth we serve the unfolding of our spiritual greatness, allowing us to experience more fully and deeply the eternal Life context in which our being resides. It’s time to access our endless potential and participate in the acceleration of evolution through the paradigm of Love.

Heaven to Earth Retreats


Unwind and allow your own personal transformation to unfold.


Within you is a divine blueprint. Deep personal transformation is the restoration of that


A divine inheritance and birthright are your destiny. Reclaim the freedom and peace which is your birthright

Robert M Schoch PH.D

Inspirational lectures from Robert on the Great Sphynx, Easter Island and Gobekli Tepe July 22nd to July 29th, 2018

Enjoy the sun deck, Jacuzzi, sauna and piano bar aboard the Casablanca. Group yoga, meditation and one-on-one transformational sessions are available to guests alongside scheduled guided tours

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